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    P&RTC Commando Speed March Team
Gym 2 newly refurbished
 to 50 recruits for S&C at once which was unachievable prior to the upgrade. With the new Soldier Academy on the horizon, this facility will be an asset to recruits and permanent staff for years to come.
Commando Speed March Team
On the 11 Mar 23, a team of seven personnel from the P&RTC entered the annual Commando Speed March held in Spean Bridge, Scotland. This iconic route was first undertaken by Commando’s during WWII, when individuals arrived at the Spean Bridge Train Station, they had to complete the 7-mile (11Km) route to Achnacarry Castle with equipment and weapons within an hour. The ATC (P) team put in a fantastic effort and placed 12th out of 26 teams on the day. Cpl Godden putting in an outstanding effort placing 23rd out of 227 runners with a time of 00:53:30. No doubt ATC Pirbright will enter a team again next year and challenge for a top finish.
Sgt (SI) Fitzpatrick RAPTC – 1 ATR
SI - Newly badged RAPTCI in Basic Training
After successful transfer into the Corps, I was fortunate enough to be assigned to ATC(P) as a mainstream SI. Now in role for 9 months, it has been nothing short of an amazing experience with a steep learning curve. To be responsible for day-to-day management of 16 AAPTIs has been an exciting challenge and has allowed me to quickly grow into my new role. In addition, I am the RAPTCI for 1 Army Training Regiment (ATR) and all the duties that comes with that role, which again has been a rewarding experience. To be the POC and SME for all matters on
Members of ATC Pirbright conducting Ex TWA 2023
PD to a Head of Establishment has been empowering at the very least. As 1 ATR SI I am also the lead for sport which adds to my development towards an SSI role in the future. Although intense, I could not think of a better assignment to prepare a Sgt in the RAPTC to become an extremely capable SSI in the Field Army.
Sgt (SI) Cooney RAPTC – 2 ATR SI - Exercise TIGER WINTER ALPINE 2023 – Val-d’Isère
As I write this article, I am now on my second year at the ever changing and fast- paced Army Training Centre (Pirbright). This second year has seen me take on the role of Adventurous Training 2IC, which assists the Unit Adventurous Training Officer (UATO). Part of this has seen me
organise and deliver the centre’s annual AT Expedition.
During the planning phase of the expedition, I was faced with what seemed like every obstacle along the way, from all funding being cancelled to instructor dropouts. Nevertheless, on January 2023 I successfully took 54 personnel from across ATC (P) to Val-d’Isère, France, on Ex TIGER WINTER ALPINE (TWA) 2023. This Type 3 Exped served as an excellent opportunity to get away from the busy Phase 1 Training environment and conduct alpine skiing AT, where members were physically and mentally challenged. In addition, members were awarded with the Ski Foundation 1 (SF1) or Ski Foundation 2 (SF2) qualification.

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