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  on JS training adaptation and even incorporate formative testing. Additionally, the final PTP also implemented Team and Leadership sessions incorporated into combat scenarios, complemented by Mental Resilience Training (MRT).
Sgt (SI) Rigby RAPTC
Primary Care Rehabilitation Facility (PCRF) Harrogate. The pace at AFC(H) PCRF emulates that of Eliud Kipchoge, a real eye-opener for Sgt (SI) Ali Townsend and myself. Luckily, working together alongside four (soon to be three) “on side” Physiotherapists, Doctor and SMO, the PCRF is at the forefront of the Medical Centre working tirelessly to ensure the best up-to-date practices and treatments are delivered.
A typical week in the PCRF is broken into several elements, which include ‘protected space’ class therapy, Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings, Multi-Disciplinary Injury Assessment Clinics (MIAC), and Continual Professional Development (CPD). On average, Sgt Townsend and I conduct about 10 new patient assessments each week, in addition to the 50+ JS undergoing treatment.
Rehab PT at the College has employed a completely new concept, one that has surpassed any expectation and radically changed the mindset on “injuries”, a practice commonly known as ‘stretching.’ No easy feat, balancing the right amount of stretching and strengthening for adolescent soldiers with a range of roughly 6 years of skeletal maturation.
In addition to our primary role, Sgt Townsend and I have undertaken secondary taskings. Sgt Townsend recently hosted the College Health Fair and was 2IC for the Inter-Company Boxing Finals, both events received College wide recognition. I have managed the RAPTC Selection pipeline for the aspiring JNCO AAPTIs within the AFC. 2 Fox Coy JNCOs were successful during the
Jan 23 RAPTC Selection Course, both of whom begin their RAPTCI Course imminently. Moreover, I am an active diving competitor, representing the RAPTC over the past 3 years which has resulted
in being selected for the Inter Services team.
Sgt (SI) King RAPTC
Sports & Skills Co-ord. My primary
role within AFC(H) is
the Fox Coy Sports
& Skills (S&S) Coord. This role is completely diverse and unlike any SI role within the RAPTC due to the nature of the college. I work with,
and alongside PS, JS and the AFC(H) civilian workforce. Some of the many S&S Coord responsibilities include the P&RTC Building Custodian (BC), the lead for all PD matters for PS Physical Training (PT) and the liaison between JS S&S syllabus and the Military. The latter is a role that fills me with great pride, as it provides the unique opportunity to educate and develop the soldiers of the future through my delivery of Olympic Weightlifting.
AFC(H) is situated in a great location and boasts some of the best facilities within the Military, not just in the North, but the UK. For this very reason, we get the opportunity to host both UK North and British Army sporting events each year. Some of the events we support include UK North Badminton, Netball, Triathlon and Volleyball competitions. Since my arrival in Sep 22, we have also hosted the first AFC(H) British Weight Lifting Level 1&2 Coaching Courses in Weightlifting, with further courses to be added to the FoE for 2023.
I am also an active contributor to the AFC(H) PS and JS LGBT+ support network, a role I am extremely passionate about. This role provides me with the opportunity to be a source of guidance and support for anyone within the college who may find themselves struggling with their sexuality or gender.
In November, I was nominated for the Official of the Year Award at the Army Sports Awards 2022, in recognition of my contribution towards the development of British Army Weightlifting and my role as Lead Official during the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Despite finishing in 3rd place, I am extremely proud of my contribution and support I provided, and to make the shortlist for this award is a huge accomplishment within
Sgt (SI) Jennings RAPTC
Leadership & Initiative Training (L&IT ). The L&IT department is responsible for the planning, delivery and execution of AT packages to circa 1300 JS and 300 PS at AFC(H). The aim of L&IT is to develop the qualities of a JS through values-based leadership using a combination of AT activities.
Whilst aspiring to become an ATI and experiencing all the perks usually afforded within the L&IT role initially proved challenging as it included far more desk work than I anticipated! However, once settled and despite the immense planning processes involved, there was scope for the team to be involved in AT, sport and developmental courses, including my favoured discipline, achieving my Caving Leader qualification this year.
But it’s not all work and no play! - We had the pleasure of organising and delivering a Type 3 overseas expedition, delivering rock climbing in Calpe, Spain; planned and executed by myself with OC Fox Coy Maj (MAA) Webster, SSgt (SSI) Kerr and Sgt (SI) Dyson also attending as instructors. This also included the participation by AFC personnel taking 6 PS and 4 JS along with a mixture of single and multi-pitch climbing being delivered during the week.
There was even time for Sgt (SI) Dyson to squeeze in a trip to the Grand Canyon on Ex NORTHERN ROCK!
With progress also comes change and sadly we will soon be saying goodbye to Capt (MAA) Balwah & SSgt (SSI) Kerr as they both take up new roles at ATC Pirbright and Sennybridge respectively; and we look forward to the imminent arrival of Capt (MAA) Maslin as the OiC L&IT.
Maj (MAA) G Webster RAPTC, Chief of General Staff, WO1 (SMI) D Brown RAPTC

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