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  As I approach the end of my 2 years at ATC Pirbright and reflect on my time in role, I have to sit back and say this is without doubt the best job I have had in service. The day-to-day challenges are always there when dealing with the demands of 3 Units in order to deliver the best possible Common Military Syllabus (CMS) for recruit training. But the experiences I have had and the opportunities to work for two first rate MAAs and a dedicated team of SIs is something I will appreciate for many years to come.
The volume of training conducted here is the largest in Defence, with approx. 4700 recruits passing out of Basic Trg (BT) last year. That figure is projected to increase in the coming years with the ongoing infrastructure works to turn Pirbright into the Soldier Academy, with circa 6000 multi cap badge recruits expected annually. This means there will be an uplift in an already large delivery team of 32 AAPTIs and 7 Executive Officers (formerly SIOs). The MAA - Capt (MAA) Lee Kinsley RAPTC has been working tirelessly to identify what the branch structure will look like to meet the new demands and ensure the best outcomes for the Unit and future of the British Army. The SIs continue to deliver high quality outputs, each of them leading in their own areas including Sgt (SI) Davies HQ Regt - G4 lead and oversight of all Physical Training Equipment (PTE) and infra upgrades. Sgt (SI) Cooney 2 ATR - AT lead who delivered a 2-week winter skiing expedition to Val- d’Isère. Finally, Sgt (SI) Fitzpatrick – Sport lead who is leading on the Unit Sports Board Management and re-invigorating sport across the Unit.
WO2 (QMSI) Cubbage RAPTC – TWO
 WO2 (QMSI) Cubbage RAPTC, Bdr Dronsfield-Harris RA and Sgt (SI) Fitzpatrick RAPTC enjoying a hard days ‘work’ in Val-d’Isère
Finally, and in closing from me, I would like to thank the previous MAA, Capt Stu Jackson, the current MAA, Capt Lee Kinsley and the SIs who have helped me here in the last 24 months. SSgt Chris Mortley, Sgts Russ Davies, Sam Cooney and Evin Fitzpatrick who have been instrumental in Pirbright’s success during this time and without doubt have made this a better place to work for anyone who wishes to come here in the future. I wish all the best to the new TWO, WO2 (QMSI) Al Rees RAPTC, who arrives here on 3 April 2023, I know in his hands the role will further develop ensuring Pirbright remains the best possible assignment for future RAPTCIs.
Sgt (SI) Davies RAPTC – HQ Regiment SI - Gym and PTE Upgrades
March 23 saw the start of gymnasium upgrades which will support the future delivery of the Soldier Academy. This upgrade includes building a new gym facility to add to the 3 large indoor gyms we currently have and moving the swimming pool next to the P&RTC (date TBC). The start of this process has seen upgrades to the current structure with completion of a new gym layout consisting of shock absorption matting with 18 integrated S&C platforms and an Astro turf area to allow sled pushing and the delivery of elements of the Soldier Conditioning Review (SCR). This new gym will now accommodate up
 ATC Pirbright team August 2022 (Photo by Tempest Photography ©)

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