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                                 28 Engineer Regiment (C-CBRN) Exercises and deployments
28 Engineer Regiment has remained as busy as ever. They have deployed on multiple exercises in the UK and abroad, maintaining its high readiness capabilities as a C-CBRN unit. As part of 77 Field Squadron’s recent exercise in Kent, it tested individuals in battlefield casualty drills and mastering the basics in
77 Sqn practicing BCD drills
Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD) triage: A vital part of training to save lives.
FALCON Squadron, the Regiments’ C-CBRN Area Survey and Reconnaissance Squadron has recently been holding their skills with various weapon systems. Marksmanship training and tests were also conducted on the exercise including GPMG, SA80 A2 and pistol. These skills enable FALCON Squadron to support their aligned operational commitments with greater effect. The exercise ran smoothly and was a success whilst giving valuable training and revision.
28 Engineer Regiment (C-CBRN) – Sport
Alongside its Regimental activity, 28 Engineer Regiment (C-CBRN) have participated in several sports supporting the Army Sports Trophy. The Commanding Officer’s Cup has also been a highlight of the year including British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF), Football and XC Mountain Biking.
SSgt (SSI) Z Leeming-Watts RAPTC
SSgt (SSI) B Beattie RAPTC
It has so far been a very busy year for 7 RLC beginning with a deployment to Kenya as the force
protection Sqn in Nanyuki and Op INTERFLEX. This year also saw SSgt (SSI) Beattie deploy on Ex ASKARI STORM where he oversaw the acclimatisation for all advance party elements of the battlegroup and the entirety of the Combat Service Support (CSS). Having never deployed to Kenya ,this came with its challenges, but with a strong team of AAPTIs all obstacles were overcome and the exercise has so far been a huge success.
7 Regt RLC also completed their first adventurous training package of the year on Exercise MALTESE ORZEL, a 10-day diving, rock climbing and mountain biking package held in Malta. SSgt Beattie organised the trip and lead the mountain biking element. The exercise was a success and saw 20 Service Personnel (SP) from across the regiment take part. There is now a view to make this an annual AT package for 7 Regt RLC, which will also include sea kayaking and hill walking.
The Regiment is also in the midst of Op FARAN, the move from Kendrew Barracks in Cottesmore to Dalton Barracks in Abingdon. This is a large scale move which has come at an extremely busy time for the Regiment, including deployments and the formation of a new Sqn.
SSgt Beattie on a heat acclimatisation recce during Ex ASKARI STORM
SSgt (SSI) Beattie instructing on mountain biking on Ex MALTESE ORZEL in Malta
    FALCON Sqn conducting marksmanship training and tests
 42 Sqn winning the third CO’s Cup sports competition – Football

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