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SSgt (SSI) L Spires RAPTC
104 Regt RA is a unique unit that presents lots of opportunities to get away and meet new challenges.
The RHQ is based in Newport, sunny South Wales and has Batteries in Abertillery, Bristol and Worcester, making it a challenge to oversee all of the outstations.
Since joining the unit in Nov 22 having finished 25 years of Regular Service, I was introduced to the Reserve world. I have found this to be a very strange yet fun transition and look forward to what the unit has to offer in the future. It also allows me to keep my feet in the green world and continue to do the things I have enjoyed for so many years.
In the short space of time I have been with the unit, I have already deployed on numerous training weekends, the last one being to Copehill Down to run the Confidence Course. This weekend was a fun team building experience, seeing soldiers pushing themselves beyond their limits and fears in terms of heights, and working in small tight dark spaces. Watching them conquer
their fears and gelling as a team was extremely satisfying as it bonded the team together, something that is paramount to the unit.
Despite being a Reserve Unit, we have managed to get away skiing and snowboarding in France, ensuring the Army lived up to its lived experience mantra and also allowed us to get personnel on the Joint Service Adventurous Training (JSAT) pathway by conducting Ski Foundation 1 (SF1) training. The unit are also looking to produce an expedition over the summer in order to get service personnel away again so they will be keeping me busy.
We are looking forward to a busy spring and summer, which will see service personnel from the unit firing at numerous high-profile events including the Kings Coronation, Armed Forces Day and the Royal Welsh Show to mention a few. 104 Regt RA have a fantastic reputation for conducting engagement events in Wales and long may it continue.
 104 Regt RA personnel completing the confidence course at Copehill Down
  Capt (MAA) Rach McKenzie RAPTC enjoying the view
the Adventurous Training Group Army. On the plus side, I am getting to stay here in this amazing location for another few years, a place I have grown very fond of, and I will definitely be taking advantage of the wonderful Brecon Beacons that I am surrounded by. I would like to wish all the best to Capt (MAA) Daryl Slade- Jones RAPTC who takes over the role in September, I know he will enjoy it just as much as I have.

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