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The Wylder Valley 41
'They found the other traps and took them away. You can avoid the detour tomorrow, Charlie.'
'I can do better than that, Simon. I've finished the job and can have a lie in.'
A few days later, Alfie strolled across the wildlife garden and found Charlie talking to Sam Hedgehog. They were thinking of taking the boys for a camping trip in the forest.
'Good idea,' said Alfie. 'Jackson and Harry are forever asking to go and will enjoy a night sleeping in the wild. What about the girls?'
'Ah, well, Sadie is taking them for a pamper day. You know, where they soothe away the aches and pains,' laughed Alfie.
When young Harry Squirrel and his friend, Archie Hedgehog heard about the trip they couldn't contain their excitement at the idea of sleeping together in a tent.
The camping day arrived. The younger animals collected their footballs, games and clothing and began throwing them in the cart.
'Whoa! Wait in minute!' called Charlie. 'We are all taking something, so we must leave enough space for each other. Packing is a skill. First clothing, then provisions, then bedding and finally, the tent.
'When we arrive at the forest, our first job will be to find a suitable place to stay, and the first item we will need from the cart ― will be the tent.'

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