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The Wylder Valley 71
Badger felt drowsy but stirred as he became aware of a whirring and rumbling under the floor of the cage. He shifted as he settled back to sleep and his dream ...
Charlie was crying and telling him about Lottie, and they walked through the swirling river watching fish swim by. He leant forward to catch one and fell over ...
Badger woke with a judder, overcome by terror, and rolled onto his back.
'What's happening to me? Where am I? Where's the rescue centre?' he thought when the whirring and rumbling stopped.
'Come on. Get up, Badger,' he said shaking himself. 'I must be alert and on my guard.'
Light streamed into the van and blinded him. He heard a click, and the cage shuddered. The scent was overpowering, but he recognised it.
'It's the meadow, my meadow, I'm home. They've brought me home!' he thought.
'Stay back! Stay back!' a loud voice shouted. 'Give the animal more room.'
The talking, flashing and clicking of people's cameras sounded dreadful to Badger as he circled the cage. He panicked and hurled himself aside forcing the cage to roll over.
'Stop it! Stop it! The noise is frightening him. Keep quiet!' a young voice cried out ― a voice Badger recognised.

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