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“ ד  סב

                                          Ateres HaShavua

                                     The Weekly Torah Publication from the Students of                               “ נ  זל
            אריו תשרפ                          Mesivta Ateres Yaakov                                      לדנייש הרש
          א “ פשת ןושח  ‘ כ                                                                             השמ הירא תב
         November 7, 2020                        The Ruth & Hyman Simon High  School

                                  BLESSING IN DISGUISE                                               Yeshayahu Leff, 12th Grade
       Candle Lighting:   4:27
     First  עמש תאירק ןמז:    8:29   In אריו תשרפ, הרש, the 90-year-old wife of םהרבא, receives a most surprising piece
     Second עמש תאירק ןמז:   9:05   of  information  from  an  unusual  source.  She  is  told  by  Arab  nomads,  visiting

        First הלפת ןמז:   9:56
                                   םהרבא’s house, that in one year she will have a child. Instinctively, הרש laughs at
       Second הלפת ןמז:    10:20
                                   this prediction out of disbelief.
           העיקש:        4:44

      Earliest Havdalah:   5:34
                                   ה ‘  immediately  appears to םהרבא and angrily inquires: “Why did הרש laugh? Is
                        (50 minutes)
         All times are for the Five Towns   there  something  that  is  beyond  the  Almighty?  At  the  appointed  time  I  shall

                                   return, and behold הרש will have a son.”

                                   ה ‘ ’s ire must be explained. After all, הרש was not told by  ה that she will have a
         If you would like to
                                   baby. She was informed by what appeared to be Arab wanderers. Albeit the ארמג
       sponsor an issue of the
                                   explains  that  the  three  nomads  were  actually  angels  sent  by  the  Almighty,
          Ateres Hashavua

    please contact Rabbi Zern at                                                                            (continued on page 2)     HOSPITALITY FOR ITS OWN SAKE                                        Shmuel Jacobs, 11th Grade

                                   There’s a famous lesson learned from םהרבא’s encounter with his three “guests.”

        INSIDE THIS ISSUE:         As we all know, םהרבא was in the middle of talking to  ה when he was suddenly
      Blessing in    Page 1        interrupted by three Arab travelers. Wishing to service them, he quickly left the
                                   presence of  ה.
     Hospitality for   Page 1
     its Own Sake
                                   The question presents itself: How was םהרבא able to leave  ה, who is all powerful,
       Stories of    Page 3
      Tzadikkim                    in favor of humans, who are incomparable to the Almighty?

        Parsha         Page 3      A  possible  answer  to  this  question  lies  in  the  teachings  on  םיחרוא  תסנכה.
                                   Surprisingly,  זח teach that in reality, showing hospitality for guests surpasses
      Yehi Zicrom    Page 4

                                                                                                           (continued on page 2)
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