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ךורב םרכז יהי                                                      תמשנ יוליעל

               By R’ Yehuda Horowitz                            “ ה  ע דוד השמ  ‘ ר תב אליב השאה
         Emphasizing Growth In וריבחל םדא ןיב         “ י    נ סחניפ המלש בר ןב ה “ ע שריה יבצ ךורב

                                     אריו תשרפ

             Before םהרבא invited the three guests into his home, he requested that they wash
      off  their  feet  since  it  was  then  customary  to  worship  the  dust  upon  one’s  feet.  שר
      contrasts םהרבא to טול who first invited the guests in without having them wash up and   MESIVTA ATERES YAAKOV
      explains that טול was not vigilant about having  ע in his house. Later in the השרפ when   OF GREATER LONG ISLAND
      the  three  םיכלאמ  arrived  to  םודס,  “ שר  again  contemplates  טול’s  behavior.  In  this
      commentary,  שר sheds a positive outlook and clarifies that טול was concerned about the
      inhabitants  of  םודס  who  would  be  in  an  uproar  if  the  guests  were  already  bathed.
      Therefore, he felt it necessary to postpone their bath so that it would seem that they just
      arrived. The obvious dilemma is why did  שר initially condemn טול and later explain his
      actions in a favorable fashion?
                                                                                            Editorial Staff
                  We may suggest that  שר’s commentary reflects the manner in which the הרות is
      viewing טול. Initially, טול is being judged unfavorably because he truly was lacking the    Editor-in-Chief
      proper connection to  ה, which is why he originally gravitated to םודס. However, when       Yosef Rabinow
      “ י  שר comments on the םיקוספ which discuss the occurrence of טול inviting the guests, he
      interprets טול’s actions in a positive light because that is how he is being perceived in   Assistant Editor-in-Chief
      heaven. This may possibly be attributed to two factors. Firstly, while טול was sacrificing   Moishy Zern
      his  life  by  inviting  the  guests,  he  aroused  the  דסח  of  ה  upon  himself,  as  “ זח  state,
      “Whoever has compassion on others will merit divine mercy.” Secondly, as this event     Chief of Coordination
                                                                                                  Yoni Schonbrun
      was transpiring, the fate of טול’s family and the seeds of חישמ which would emanate from
      his  lineage  were  being  determined.  At  this  point,  the  הרות  is  focused  on  finding  the   Co-Editor and Distribution
      merits of טול so that he may be saved from the impending destruction of םודס. The  ץפח         Manager
      םייח in his introduction quotes the שודקה  רהז who reveals that the way we judge others     Shmuel Jacobs
      impacts  the  way  that  they  are  assessed  in  heaven.  שר  therefore  offers  a  logical  and
      favorable approach which sheds positive light on טול’s behavior.                     Chief of Layout Department
                                                                                                    Elan Bakst

                  Our generation is in great need of arousing  ה’s kindness. By extending ourselves   Co-Editor
      with דסח towards each other and speaking favorably about others, may we be fortunate        Shmuel Rosen
      to merit  ה’s compassion.
                                                                                              Assistant Layout Editor
                                                                                                  Dovid Eckhaus
             Upon  the  arrival  of  the  three  guests,  םהרבא  served  them  a  lavish  meal  in
      abundance. Surprisingly, when he asked someone to bring water with which the guests      Assistant Distributor
      would wash  their feet, he only requested a little water. Furthermore,  שר, quoting the       Zach Hawk
      ארמג, points out that because the water was brought by a חילש,  ה granted us water in the
      רבדמ  through  השמ,  in  contrast  to  the  ןמ  which  emanated  directly  from  ה.  We  must   Contributors
      therefore wonder why םהרבא didn’t bring an abundance of water himself?                   Menachem Berkowitz
                                                                                                     Yitzi Fox
             Rav Moshe Wolfson  טילש clarifies this issue in a marvelous fashion. םהרבא was      Yehuda Halpern
      the great teacher of הנומא who sacrificed his life battling against the beliefs of his entire   Zaki Kapetas
                                                                                                 Yoey Lieberman
      generation. Any trace of  ע was far more repulsive to him than the most disgusting odor    Shalom Perlman
      in the world. He desperately wanted to bring water to ensure that not one speck of the      Ezra Rosenfeld
      dust  would  enter  his  home.  However,  this  may  have  infringed  on  the  comfort  of  his
      guests who would sense that the dust of  ע would be ruining the sanctity of his holy     Special Contributors
      home. Therefore, םהרבא casually requested of someone to bring a little water, projecting    Rabbi Horowitz
      that the matter was not urgent. (Rav Wolfson goes on to explain that the fact that the      Rabbi Neuman

      water was given through השמ actually benefitted our nation and was a reward due to the     Rosh HaYeshiva
      sensitivity of םהרבא). This thought highlights the importance of recognizing the subtle   Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe
      needs of the people whom we encounter and to accommodate them to the best of our
      ability.                                                                                  Assistant Menahel
                                                                                                Rabbi Yossi Bennett

                       HAVE A WONDERFUL SHABBOS!!                                                Faculty Advisor
                                                                                               Rabbi Shmuel Oratz
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