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Blessing in Disguise (continued from page 1)                                                             Yehsayahu Leff; 12th Grade

     nevertheless, they did not identify themselves as such. So what exactly did  ה expect from הרש?

      The reason  ה was troubled, is because he expected הרש to believe the Arab’s words. Although they appeared
     as simple nomads, one never knows the true vehicle that carries blessings of salvation and redemption.  ה
     has many conduits and messengers. Some of those messengers’ divinity is unlike their appearance.

     Our job is to wait, listen, and pray that even a lowly messenger can be the harbinger of true blessing. The

     next step is to believe and internalize it.

     Hospitality for its Own Sake (Continued from page 1)                                                                   Shmuel Jacobs; 11th Grade
     receiving even the holy הניכש.

     However, there’s a question on this  זח that must be addressed.
     The  Lubavitcher  Rebbe,  “  צז,  asks  as  follows:  We  know  that  the  “men”  םהרבא  encountered  were  actually
     angels, who have no ability to eat or drink. If the essence of the mitzva of םיחרוא תסנכה is to show hospitality to

     your guests, then by giving the angels food and drink (which they were unable to consume),  םהרבא didn’t

     fulfill the הוצמ of םיחרוא תסנכה! It would follow that the rule of prioritizing  hospitality over divine presence is

     inapplicable to our situation. How, then, can we justify םהרבא’s exit from the הניכש!?

     Resolving our conundrum, the Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches a valuable lesson. He explains that whether the
     accommodations  do  or  don’t  suit  your  guests  is  irrelevant.  The  main  idea  of  םיחרוא תסנכה  is  the  heartfelt

     concern you show for your guest.

     Even though םהרבא didn’t provide the angels with suitable accommodations, it was his heartfelt concern for

     them  that  mattered.  As  the  visitors’  arrival  presented  םהרבא  the  opportunity  to  display  his  genuine

     hospitality,  he  promptly  left  the  presence  of  ה,  eager  to  provide  his  guests  with  undivided  warmth  and

     In the zechus of treating one another like םהרבא treated his guests, may we merit to see the epitome of  םדא ןיב
     וריבחל with the coming of חישמ,  ונימיב הרהמב!

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