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MC: I keep things pretty tame because I've got a
          6-  and  9-year-old  at  home.  Hmmm...I  recently
          opened for the amazing Bri Bagwell. We took a
          second to have celebratory shots during her set.
          I put my phone on the bar to video us taking the
          shots and she started shouting me out from the
          stage, saying how much she loved my set. So that
          was caught on the camera. That felt really good.
          Lainey Wilson also called me out after I opened

          for her, but I didn't catch that one on film, darn it!

          MH:  What's  your  plan  now  that
          you  have  released  your  new
          album  (this  interview  comes  out
          in November, thus, past tense)?

          MC: I'm hoping to share the music
          as far and wide as I can. I'd like to
          play  more  regional  festivals  and
          connect  with  more  artists.  I  really
          enjoyed co-writing two of the songs
          on this album and I'd like to do that
          more. If folks could give me a follow
          and  some  spins  on  Spotify,  that
          would  help  my  career  majorly.
          Thanks in advance!

          MH:  What  advice  would  you  give
          other artists following your footsteps?

          MC:  Set  small  realistic  goals  and  achieve
          them. Then go a bit bigger. Each time you
          achieve  something  you'll  know  you're  on
          the  right  path  and  it  will  be  motivating.
          Focus  on  connection  and  relationships.
          Find good people and treat them like gold.

           MH: Thank you Mamma Coal for your time. Any last inspiring words?

          MC: As the old Oaxacan saying goes (and the lyrics of my Tex-Mex song), ‘For Everything Bad,
          Mezcal’ (and for everything good as well). ¡Salud!
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