Page 13 - NOVDEC 2023 ION Indie Magazine
P. 13

MC:  I  often  start  with  a  title  or
          concept, but sometimes I start with
          a whole line. I like to sing to myself
          while cooking or driving, and if I
          like something, I'll record it on my
          phone.  Then  I  sit  with  the  guitar
          and see what chords and rhythms
          work  with  that. Then  I'll  keep  the
          idea going by riffing on it vocally
          when I'm driving or just strumming
          the parts I already like. I often get
          inspired  when  listening  to  other
          artists.  What  comes  up  may  not
          sound  anything  like  what  I  was
          listening  to,  but  it  has  the  same
          energy or is trying to capture that
          feeling. ‘Get It Girl,’ for example,
          was heavily inspired  by Beyonce
          and  Lizzo  and  most  of  the  parts
          came  to  me  while  I  was  working

          MH: Inspiration is essential for
          me. What inspires you to create

          MC:  Other  music,  musicians  I'm
          working  with,  the  desire  to
          perform,  a  message  I  want  to
          share, the relationships in my life.

          MH:  Who  do  you  say  are  your
          biggest influences as an artist?
          And who do you say you sound

          MC: Emmylou Harris is probably
          my number one. I think I sound a
          bit like Lainey Wilson (not vocally,
          but in terms of the arrangements
          and instrumentation).

          MH:  What's  the  craziest  thing
          that's happened to you during a
          show or off-stage?
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