Page 9 - NOVDEC 2023 ION Indie Magazine
P. 9

Marty Haviik: Hi, Mamma Coal. Thank
         you  for  making  time  for  me.  Your
         schedule seems to be busy these days.
         Please  tell  our  readers  a  little  about
         yourself.  Great  name,  by  the  way.
         Where does it come from or even mean?

          Mamma Coal: Mamma Coal is a nickname that my band mate started
          using back when I was in a band called Copper & Coal. I think it started
          when I was carrying my first baby and also fits well because I'm always
          ‘mothering’ my band mates, like giving them snacks and asking them
          to be healthy. Ha, ha! When I decided to go solo and make an album
          about a mother who becomes an outlaw...well, Mamma Coal seemed

          like a good stage name. That album was 2016's ‘Raven Haired Vixen.’

          MH: If you would, tell us your story
          in  music.  How  did  you  first  get
          started in music?

          MC: I had an amazing music teacher
          at  my  elementary  school.  My
          memories of her are all shimmering
          with  gold  and  white.  She  had  very
          short,  platinum  blond  hair,  an
          infectious  laugh,  and  always  wore
          sparkly,  fuzzy  sweaters  and  high
          heels.  Pretty  much  looked  like  an
          angel  incarnate  to  my  5-year-old
          self! She noticed that I wasn't afraid to
          sing  in  front  of  the  other  kids  and
          started giving me solos in the school
          performances. The rest is history!

          MH:  Tell  us  about  your  brand-new
          album ‘Dance Hall Crush.’
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