Page 4 - NOVDEC 2023 ION Indie Magazine
P. 4

Happy Holidays!

                                  We  hope  you  enjoy  this  Nov/Dec  2023
                                  edition of ION Indie Magazine, as we are

                                  bringing  you  another  exceptional  issue.
                                  Inside these pages, we invite you to check
                                  out  our  featured  artist,  country  singer

                                  Mamma  Coal.  The  photography  and
                                  interview  are  courtesy  of  Marty  Haviik,
                                  Managing             Editor         and         Senior
                                  Photojournalist  for  ION.  Also  in  these
                                  pages,  you  will  find  some  of  the  biggest
                                  names in music entertainment along with
                                  the most talented indie artists from around

                                  the globe.

                                  The entire staff of ION Indie Magazine wish
                                  you  and  your  family  the  happiest  of
                                  holidays…filled with health, love, and lots
                                  of music!   ~ Kiki Plesha
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