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        VOL. 77

        4                                                      K. Plesha             CEO/Editor-in-Chief/Art Director
                                                                                               Kiki Plesha
                    Letter from the Editor

        6              Featured: Mamma Coal                    M. Haviik                      Marty Haviik

                                                                                            Managing Editor

       18            Ludacris                                 M. Haviik                Social Media Content Creator

                                                                                          Senior Photojournalist

       24            Pantera/Lamb of God                       M. Miller                        Meryl Em

       36                The Smashing Pumpkins                   M. Em                Social Media Content Creator

                                                                                          Senior Photojournalist

                                                                                               Tim Board
       42                  Marco Antonio Solis                 M. Haviik             Eye On Jamz Radio Show Host

       48                  Syteria                        M. Whichelow                      Senior Journalist

       60                            Tall City Blues Fest                                        STAFF
                                                               T. Board

                                                                                             Erika Johnson
       66                Lindsey Stirling/Walk Off The Earth   N. Wood                      Daniel Johnson

                                                                                               Scott Wikle
       74                        Buddy Guy/Samantha Fish      M. Haviik                      Mal Whichelow

       84                Boys Like Girls                          M. Em                   Lindsay Ann Snyder

                                                                                          Dave “Moto” Bishop

       90               Del Castillo                           T. Board                       Kira Doman
                                                                                               Nick Wood

       98               Sidewalk Prophets                      N. Wood                         Mike Miller

                                                               T. Board
      104             Carriesa

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