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Carra “Mamma Coal” Stasney
                                                                         is a country singer-songwriter born
                                                                         and  raised  near  Detroit,  Michigan,
                                                                         and now based in the Grand Canyon
                                                                         State  of  Arizona.  During  our  shoot,
                                                                         she  was  super  cool,  chill,  and

                                                                         As  a  seasoned  country  artist,  she’s
                                                                         had  many  photo  sessions  under  her
                                                                         belt.  What  I  learned  about  Mamma
                                                                         Coal,  per  her  website  is,  Mamma
                                                                         Coal  is  a  hard  gigging  country
                                                                         musician and mother of two in Tucson,
                                                                         Arizona.  She  writes  songs  meant  to
                                                                         move  people,  both  emotionally  and

                                                                         She has been particularly inspired by
                                                                         Tucson's  country  dance  community.
                                                                         Her  upcoming  album  “Dance  Hall
                                                                         Crush” is out now and is a collection
                                                                         of  original  western  dance  songs
                                                                         including two-step, waltz, west-coast
                                                                         swing,  and  line  dances.  Her  songs
                                                                         “Lead Her On” and “Ghost Town Get
                                                                         Down”  are  clear  demonstrations  of
                                                                         the artistry and skill she and her band
                                                                         bring  to  the  table  --  and  the  dance

                                                                          Our  session  was  done  at  Trail  Dust
                                                                          Town  at  which  she  told  me  that  she
                                                                          gigs  there  from  time  to  time.  Our
                                                                          conversation was fun, as her journey
                                                                          is an interesting one. And in her own
                                                                          words…here is Mamma Coal!
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