Page 2 - ION Indie Magazine MayJune 2021
P. 2

Music by The SoapGirls
                                                                                          “Heart In Bloom”

                                                                                         The  cover  artwork
                                                                                         for  this  May/June
                                                                                         2021      Anniversary
                                                                                         edition of ION Indie
                                                                                         Magazine  featuring
                                                                                         The  SoapGirls  was
                                                                                         designed by Editor-
                                                                                         in-Chief Kiki Plesha.

                                                                                      The  enthralling  cover
                                                                                      photo of The SoapGirls
                                                                                      and     this   energetic
                                                                                      inside  cover  image
                                                                                      are  captured  by  Sam

                                                                                     ION  Indie  Magazine
                                                                                     journalist   Tim     Board
                                                                                     conducted the in-depth
                                                                                     feature  interview  with
                                                                                     The  SoapGirls.  Check  it
                                                                                     out inside these pages!
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