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       VOL. 62

                                                                                              Kiki Plesha
        4         Letter from the Editor                      K. Plesha             CEO/Editor-in-Chief/Art Director

                                                                                             Marty Haviik
                                                                                  Managing Editor/Instagram Manager
        6        Featured: The Soap Girls                     T. Board                   Senior Photojournalist

                                                                                              Jere Perry
                                                                                     Broadcast Media Coordinator
                                                                                           Senior Journalist

                     Carina Round/Puscifer                   E. Johnson                    Daniel Johnson
      14  Interview                                                                  Media Coverage Coordinator
                                                                                         Senior Photojournalist

                     Liliac                                   M. Haviik                       JB Bridges

      18    Interview                                                                Co-Founder/Senior Journalist

                                                                                              Tim Board
                                                                                    Eye On Jamz Radio Show Host
                    Fire Sets Fire                           K. Plesha                     Senior Journalist

      30  Interview


                    Franz Von                            M. Whichelow                        Lee Hoffman

      40    Interview/Photography                                                           Erika Johnson

                                                                                              Scott Wikle
                                                                                            Mal Whichelow
                    Baylee Littrell/Amanda Belair            L. Snyder                     Courtney Ludwig

      52    Live Music Report                                                            Lindsay Ann Snyder

                    Famba                                  E. Johnson


                      Kendra Erika/ReverbNation Artist
                                                              T. Board
      66    Interview                                                                VISIT ION INDIE MAGAZINE AT:

                   Like A Villain                             M. Haviik    

      70  Interview

                    Limberlost/ReverbNation Artist            T. Board                  MAGAZINE SUBMISSIONS:

      74  Interview                                                      

                                                                                     MAGAZINE GENERAL INQUIRIES:

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