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                                                                          Music by Lois Greco
                                                                             “Ball & Chain”

                                                     Happy Anniversary, ION!

                                                     This May/June 2021 edition of ION Indie Magazine marks our
                                                     7  year of publishing. When I first founded ION, I envisioned
                                                     a music magazine that not only provided media coverage

                                                     for independent music of all genres, but also, streams music

                     Kiki Plesha                     in an interactive flipbook format. However, I also pondered
                                                     how  to  utilize  this  publication  to  provide  artists  career
                    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                  support by procuring them radio airplay. To this end, ION
                                                     partnered  with  numerous  radio  stations  worldwide,  who

                                                     receive  the  music  that  streams  in  our  magazine  for  their
                                                     airplay  consideration.  Through  this  innovative  program,
                                                     thousands of artists had their music placed in rotation on
                                                     radio stations around the globe! Mission accomplished!

                                                     Today,  ION  continues  its  commitment  toward  providing
                                                     compelling media coverage while supporting independent
                                                     artists.  I  am  appreciative  for  our  devoted  readers,  for
                                                     supporting this publication! Also, I’d like to give a huge shout
                                                     of gratitude to our incredible staff of journalists – today, and
                                                     through the years -- who have lent their time and talent to
                                                     ION  Indie  Magazine.  Although  we  cover  all  genres…you
                                                     totally ROCK!

                                                     This  edition  of  ION  Indie  Magazine  shines  a  light  on  The
                                                     SoapGirls in an in-depth interview by Tim Board. Check it out
                                                     inside these pages! Also, the song playing during this Editor’s
                                                     Letter  is  “Ball  &  Chain”  by  Lois  Greco,  who  graced  the
                                                     October 2014 issue of ION. I was honored to conduct the
                                                     feature interview with Lois (from her hospital bed) where she
                                                     was  so  open  and  forthcoming  about  her  struggle  with
                                                     cancer. I recently learned that Lois lost her battle with this
                                                     dreaded disease. Lois was not only massively talented but
                                                     possessed a caring heart. She was pure joy! During her life’s
                                                     journey, she touched many lives, onstage and off.  Lois will
                                                     be forever missed!

                                                     The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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