Page 2 - ION Indie Magazine JanFeb 2020 Issue
P. 2

Music by Mark Gus Scott
                                                           “With You…” (Dance Mix)

                              For the first intriguing issue of 2020, gracing the cover of ION
                              Indie  Magazine  is  the  hard-hitting  drummer  from  the
                              legendary American hard rock band Trixter of MTV fame, the
                              incomparable Mark Gus Scott! Senior Photojournalist Marty
                              Haviik captured the compelling cover shot and conducted the
                              insightful interview with Scott, who is embarking on a new
                              adult contemporary solo career. Read all about it inside this

                              The  cover  art,  this  inside  cover,  and  this  entire  edition  is
                              edited and designed by Editor-in-Chief, Kiki Plesha.
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