Page 7 - ION Indie Magazine JanFeb 2020 Issue
P. 7

Music by Mark Gus Scott

                                                       “With You…”

                                      Interview and Photography by Marty Haviik


                                                  After  a  couple  of  emails  and  a  few  phone
                                                  conversations, meeting up with Mark at his place
                                                  (now residing in Phoenix, Arizona) was just like
                                                  going over to an old friend’s house and shooting
                                                  the  breeze.  We  both  were  pretty  enthusiastic
                                                  about sharing our music history with each other.
                                                  After all, we had quite a bit in common. And when
                                                  he  mentioned  a  certain  unique  story,  I  knew
                                                  exactly  what  he  meant.  I  asked  him  many
                                                  personal  questions  on  how  he  got  started  in
                                                  music,  what  it  was  like  rocking  in  his  days  in
                                                  Trixter,  and  his  goals  on  his  new  journey  in
                                                  music. But before I get into all that, let me share
                                                  a  short  history  on  what  Mark  Gus  Scott  is  all

                                                  As  the  wild  and  charismatic  drummer  for  the
                                                  internationally renowned rock band Trixter, Mark
                                                  “Gus” Scott has sold well over 3 million albums
                                                  worldwide,  had  three  #1  videos  on MTV (15
                                                  weeks at #1), four Top 20 AOR radio hits, as well
                                                  as  a  #26  album  on  the Billboard  charts.  It’s  all
                                                  true.  I  got  a  first-hand  look  at  all  his  gold  and
                                                  platinum albums.
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