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After rocking the world with MTV
          hair  band  Trixter  for  three
          decades,  former  New  Jersey
          resident  Mark  Gus  Scott  is  now
          stepping  out  from  behind  the
          drums  to  stand  center  stage  for
          his  lead vocal  debut  and  share
          something very special.

          Currently,  Mark  is  a  rock  star
          turned adult  contemporary  solo
          artist  and  he  sharing  his  latest
          release, “With You…” This song is
          an emotional,  passionate,  and
          heartfelt ballad the likes of which
          will never  be  expected  by  his
          ever-growing     constituency    of

          “With  You…”  combines  an  80s-
          style  power  ballad  piano  riff,
          symphonic  orchestration,  and
          strong  melodic  hooks  which  all
          provide  a  platform  for  for  deep
          emotional poetry that truly moves
          the  soul. Listeners  will  not  be
          ready for the soaring and soulful
          melodies  backed  by  enormous
          angelic  background  harmonies;
          definitely a huge surprise coming
          from one of rock’s hardest-hitting

          I  had  a  blast  working  this  shoot
          and  Mark  shared  some  really
          personal  stories,  some  that  I’ll
          keep just between us.

          The  great  thing  about  working
          with artists and performers is that
          after the dust settles, we’re able to
          keep  in  touch  and  stay  friends.
          And this is so true with Mark. Here
          are  some  of  the  personal  things
          that  I  can  share  in  this  short
          interview. Enjoy!

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