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                                                                        Music by Piyali Ganguly
                                                                            “I Live In Love”

                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                   2020 represents a new year as well as a new decade! At ION
                                                   Indie Magazine, our resolution is to continue our initiative to
                                                   get indie music read about, seen, and heard! With that said,
                                                   I will kick off this new publishing year with the beautiful ballad
                                                   that is streaming with this editor’s letter, “I Live In Love,” by
                                                   the  very  talented  Piyali  Ganguly.  Her  musical  message  of
                      Kiki Plesha                  love is something that all “fellow humans” can embrace in
                                                   2020. Learn  more  about  the  voracious  vocals  of songbird
                                                   Piyali at .

                EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                    In this first issue of 2020, we are spotlighting Trixter’s drummer
                                                   Mark Gus Scott, who is embarking on a solo career. Senior
                                                   Photojournalist Marty Haviik conducts the in-depth feature
                                                   interview with MGS. Check it out! Also, we are proud of the
                                                   diversity  in  music  that  this  issue  of  ION  Indie  Magazine
                                                   presents, including exclusive coverage of the multi-platinum
                                                   rap  group  Wu-Tang  Clan,  Billboard  chart-topping  country
                                                   band Midland, legendary Latin pop sensation Gloria Trevi,
                                                   and  the  iconic  American  rock  bands  Tool  and  Alter
                                                   Bridge…all in this edition of ION Indie Magazine!

                                                   We are welcoming a new photojournalist to the ION Indie
                                                   Magazine team, Courtney Ludwig, who will be reporting on
                                                   the  busy  LA  music  scene.  She  debuts  in  this  issue  with
                                                   coverage of Mark Daly & The Ravens. Welcome, Courtney!

                                                   Finally, be sure to tune in to our ION-powered all-genre radio
                                                   show, Eye On Jamz with host Tim Board, now, internationally
                                                   syndicated!  You  will  find  the  broadcast  schedule  with  a
                                                   complete list of the stations, days, and times, at our website

                                                   The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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