Page 2 - ION Indie Magazine MayJune 2020 Issue
P. 2

This    May/June        2020      and     6
                           Anniversary  edition  of  ION  Indie
                           Magazine  spotlights  Atlanta-based
                           singer/songwriter          Debra        Lynn
                           Rodriguez.        ION      Photojournalist
                           Lindsay  Ann  Snyder  captured  the
                           dynamic cover and this inside cover
                           photo of Ms. Rodriguez. Check out
                           Lindsay  Ann’s  compelling  feature
                           interview      and     her     captivating
                           images  of  this  inspirational  artist,
                           inside these pages.

                           The cover art and this entire edition
                           of ION is designed by Editor-in-Chief
                           Kiki Plesha.

                                  Music by Debra Lynn Rodriguez
                                       “Even When It Hurts”
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