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                            Interview and Photography by Lindsay Ann Snyder

          Georgia-based  folk-rocker  Debra  Lynn  Rodriguez  describes  herself  as  a  God-worshiper,
          music-maker, Jesus-follower, worship-leader, guitar-picker, coffee-guzzler, and one other
          self-proclaimed  title…people-lover. This  last  moniker  is  easily confirmed  within  just  a  few
          moments in this effervescent singer-songwriter’s presence, as her love for humanity is readily
          apparent. You get the feeling that she’s never met a stranger…and her friend-circle always
          has room for one more.

          She’s got an “easy” way about her, with a quick smile and a quiet confidence. Debra Lynn
          appears comfortable in her own tatted skin and there’s a sense of familiarity that somehow,
          you’ve crossed paths with her before. Being serenaded by Debra Lynn is sort of like returning
          after a weary road trip that leaves you longing for a familiar and friendly face. Debra Lynn
          makes you feel like you are home, and once there…she’ll take you to church! Whether
          she’s delivering a message of faith or performing a straight-from-the-gut, bluesy, “slap yo
          mama” rendition of a timeless, well-loved song, Debra Lynn exudes a magnetic personality
          that invites people in. All are welcome.

          Debra Lynn draws from her deep Appalachian roots. Her music is born from blues, folk, rock
          and roll, and of course, gospel. Much like the people of the region, there is no pretense
          about her – she’s a “what you see is what you get” sort of person. Her audience, whether
          comprised of believers or non-believers, they can’t help but catch fire with the spirit. For,
          no matter whose path she crosses, Debra Lynn leaves ‘em better than she finds ‘em. Her
          soothing  sounds  reach  deep  down  and  hold  the  listener’s  heart  in  her  hands,  while
          providing their soul a soft place to land.

          I first met Debra Lynn at The Listening Room at The Oak House in Canton, GA. I found myself
          captivated by her sweet spirit and her powerful voice. I also had the pleasure to shoot the
          album  art  and  promotional  images  for  her  upcoming  album,  titled  “Mirrors,”  set  to  be
          released this year. She entrusted me completely with her shoot, giving me total creative
          reign. Thus, I was only too happy to re-visit this inspiring artist and interview her for this feature
          in ION Indie Magazine. It was like coming home again.
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