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Lindsay Ann Snyder: Tell us a little bit about          DLR:  My  creative  process  typically  starts
          yourself and what first got you into music.             with what I call a ‘visit from the Muse.’ I am
                                                                  intruded  upon  by  something  outside
          Debra Lynn Rodriguez: I am a dreamer, a                 myself with an idea. The idea becomes an
          risk-taker,  and  an  idealist  to  the  highest        obsession  until  I’ve  expressed  it  in  some
          degree.  The  chase  of  something  more                way.  This  stage  of  the  process  rarely  is
          mysterious  and  more  wonderful  than                  shared with anyone, not even my closest
          anything  I  have  seen  keeps  me  going.              collaborators  or  my  wife.  At  some  point,
          Music is how I connect to that Mystery and              the Muse lets me be and the idea lies quiet
          how  I  connect  to  the  world  and  all  the          in my notes until I come back to try and
          beautiful people in it. I come from a family            make sense of it. At this point, I become
          and  faith  tradition  whose  mode  of                  an editor. Usually, if I have a few of these
          communication  and  connection  IS  music.              dormant inspirations, I’ll lock myself away
          This  is  how  we  express  our  love  for  each        for  a  few  days  and  work  diligently  to
          other, for God, and for our world. This is how          organize  them  into  complete  songs  and
          we know we have existed, how we know                    maybe even a collection if they happen
          we were here.                                           to  go  together  (they  often  do).  At  this
                                                                  point,  I  set  my  sights  on  a  recording
          LAS: How would you describe the music that              project, but I also start playing the songs
          you typically create?                                   live for an audience. I don’t know if this is
                                                                  typical for all artists or not, but for me, a
          DLR:  I  call  my  sound  ‘Appalachian  Soul            song  isn’t  ‘done’  until  the  audience  has
          Music.’  My  roots  are  in  Gospel,  bluegrass,        weighed in. They show me what the song
          blues, and rock and roll, and I think you can           is  really  about.  We  create  a  finished
          expect  to  hear  all  of  those  anytime  you          product  together,  and  honestly,  this
          hear  my  music.  I  only  know  one  way  to           continues  long  after  a  song  is  recorded
          perform -- with every last fiber of my being -          and released.
          - and that’s exactly what you’ll get every
          single time.                                            LAS:  Who  are  some  of  your  favorite
                                                                  musicians?  If  given  the  opportunity,  with
          LAS: What is your creative process like?                whom would you most like to collaborate?
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