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                                                                       Music by London Lawhon
                                                                          “Break You Down”

                                                   Happy Anniversary, ION!

                                                   I am proud to present to our readers this anniversary edition
                                                   of  ION  Indie  Magazine.  Yes,  it’s  been  6  years  since  we
                                                   launched  this  publication  in  June  of  2014.  Like  many
                      Kiki Plesha                  newborns,  since  our  inception,  we’ve  evolved,  and  we
                                                   have  celebrated  many  milestones  along  the  way.  Many
                                                   people have contributed to the launch and development
                EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                    of this magazine over the years – I sincerely thank them all!
                                                   I’ve always said that ION Indie Magazine is as much about
                                                   the people who create it as the artists that we feature. Our
                                                   volunteer-fueled staff is exceptional, truly, the best of the
                                                   best.  I’m  so  honored  to  work  beside  them.  Together,  we
                                                   remain  committed  to  getting  independent  music  read
                                                   about, seen, and heard!

                                                   In this May/June 2020 issue of ION Indie Magazine we are
                                                   spotlighting multi-dimensional singer-songwriter Debra Lynn
                                                   Rodriguez.  Photojournalist  Lindsay  Snyder  captured  the
                                                   stunning  images  and  conducted  the  insightful  interview
                                                   with Debra Lynn inside these pages. Check it out!

                                                   Finally, the powerful song that is streaming with this Editor’s
                                                   Letter  is created  and performed  by  Texas-based London
                                                   Lawhon. I’ve been following this talented young alternative
                                                   rock artist since 2014 and she continues to deliver dynamic
                                                   music! Visit her website and learn more about London at

                                                   The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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