Page 10 - ION Indie Magazine JanFeb 2021 Issue
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LS: Talk about the people in your journey who have influenced

                                        1K Pson: I have a pretty tight knit circle of people that I like to call
                                        family  who  have  been  pushing  me  and  supporting  me  on  my
                                        journey for years. First and foremost, I want to acknowledge my
                                        lovely  wife,  Jatika,  and  my  kids  who  support  and  stand  by  me
                                        through thick and thin. They help me overcome any obstacle in my
                                        way. I’m also thankful for people like Scott and Tami Free, who took
                                        me under their wing, leading and guiding me as my mentors, as
                                        well  as  believing  in  my  artistry  and  standing  behind  me  in
                                        everything I do. My brother 1K Phew pushes me beyond the limits
                                        and  challenges  me  to  become  a  better  man  every  day.  My  1K
                                        FAMO  is  the  engine  behind  everything  I  do.  We’re  like  a
                                        BROTHERHOOD. My brother, Enlitement, who never lets me give
                                        up, holds me accountable, and always encourages me when I need
                                        it  most.  Mike  Lewis  who’s  stood  beside  me  since  day  one,
                                        supporting every idea, rendering resources, and sacrificing grave
                                        amounts of time. There’s a lot of other people who have supported
                                        me, but these are just a few that come to mind.

                                        LS: What can people expect at a 1K Pson show and what do
                                        you hope will be their take-away?

                                        1K Pson: They can expect realness and rawness. I want people to
                                        see that I’m no different than them. People can also expect to turn
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