Page 8 - ION Indie Magazine JanFeb 2021 Issue
P. 8

Lindsay  Ann  Snyder:  In  your  bio,  you  refer  to  yourself  as  ‘God’s
                          Prodigal’ and you allude to a ‘riveting story of overcoming betrayal and
                          deferred dreams.’ Can you expound upon those?

                          1K Pson: Basically, the story of the prodigal son in the Bible is kind of like the
                          relationship with me and God… began because I was raised up knowing him,
                          but I made the choice to try to go out and try things on my own without him.
                          And once I seen it that didn’t work trying to live without God, he still welcomed
                          me with open arms when I came back to him.

                          LS: Describe your music and the message it imparts.

                          1K  Pson:  My  music  is  simply  designed  to  be  relatable,  inspirational,  and
                          motivational  to  the  broken  and  the  lost…while  at  the  same  time,  making
                          Jesus famous.

                          LS:  What  was  the  pivotal  moment  in  your  life  that  led  you  to  the
                          realization that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

                          1K Pson: I think it was when I realized that no one was creating Christian hip-
                          hop the way I would have liked it to sound. In my opinion, it wasn’t relatable
                          to me and didn’t have enough 808s. I was on a different path with my music,
                          but I felt like God was saying, ‘Hey, come create music for me the way you
                          would like to hear it.’ And that’s when I started really finding my sound.
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