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                                                                               Music by Vue
                                                                              “I Can Do This”

                                                      Farewell 2020! Welcome 2021!

                                                     Many  of  us  would  like  to  soon  forget  2020,  for  we  were
                                                     introduced to a virus called COVID-19. Soon, life as we knew
                                                     it was changed. For me, 2020 was a year that I won’t soon
                                                     forget AND my life was forever altered…for it was in April of
                                                     2020  that  my  firstborn  son,  age  36,  was  killed  by  a  drunk
                     Kiki Plesha                     driver. 2020 found me coping with grief and practicing social

                    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                  distancing.  I  remember  being  in  production  on  the
                                                     May/June  2020  edition  of  ION  –  almost  immediately  after
                                                     learning  of  my  son’s  passing.  I  recall  editing  that  edition
                                                     through my tears. Now, as I prepare this first issue of 2021, I

                                                     realize how far I have come. Yes, my life is forever changed.
                                                     But I also know that the way to honor my son’s memory is by
                                                     living my life to its fullest. After all, it’s the memories we make
                                                     and  the  lives  we  touch  along  the  way  that  matter.  Life  is
                                                     precious  and  it’s  a  gift.  We’re  all  in  this  together…and
                                                     together  we  shall  overcome!  I  wish  all  the  readers  of  ION
                                                     Indie Magazine peace, health, and JOY!

                                                     We are featuring an incredible and inspiring artist in this first
                                                     edition of 2021 – 1K Pson, an Atlanta-based Christian hip-hop
                                                     artist.  Photojournalist  Lindsay  Ann  Snyder  presents  the
                                                     energetic photography and insightful interview with 1K Pson
                                                     inside these pages.

                                                     The  uplifting  song  of  encouragement  which  is  streaming
                                                     during my Editor’s Letter is “I Can Do This” by the talented
                                                     artist, Vue. For me, this could be my anthem song for 2020
                                                     and the message is one that we all can embrace for 2021.
                                                     We can do this! We’ve got this!

                                                     Learn  more  about  Vue  by  reading  my  interview  with  him
                                                     inside this issue.

                                                     The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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