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Emerging from Atlanta, 1K Pson (which means “God’s Prodigal Son”), is setting the tone for hip-hop/rap
           music with a positive message. Originating from life-altering, circumstantial hardships which led to a story
           of redemption and second chances, 1K Pson’s lyrics will evoke self-reflecting and raw honesty. I had the
           opportunity to meet 1K Pson through Scott Free of CityTakers outreach, based in Atlanta, who recently
           hosted 1K Pson’s album release event for “A Different World.”

           Developing a love for music at an early age, 1K Pson delved into pursuing music as a career in his late
           teens. Although influenced by southern roots hip-hop, he morphed into his own specialized sound. He is
           a lyricist and a producer who presents insightful lyrics that promote positivity. 1K Pson is becoming a
           driving force in music in the Atlanta scene…and beyond. His music inspires the listener to embrace their
           love for God and infuse their souls with his scintillating sounds.

           I recently had the honor to interview this talented man, who is ION Indie Magazine’s featured artist for this
           kick-off issue of 2021. Here is that in-depth interview.

            Making God Famous Through Music
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