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                                                                         Music by Ashley Wineland
                                                                             “I’m Gonna Ride”

                                                     I don’t know about you…

                                                     but I’m ready for Spring!!!! I am over the cold weather.
                                                     These  feelings  were  heightened  when  our  archaic

                                                     electrical  system  blew,  of  course,  during  some  of  the

                     Kiki Plesha                     coldest days thus far this season! Meanwhile, while we
                                                     went through the process of hiring the right electrician,
                    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                  ordering parts, and the rewiring/reworking of our home,

                                                     we  were  plunged  into  an  impromptu  camping
                                                     situation…of  the  indoor  variety.  All  told,  we  were
                                                     without heat and electricity for over a week! I refer to
                                                     this  as  “Electro-Armageddon  2021.”  Let’s  just  say  that
                                                     I’m not what you would call a “happy camper.” I hope
                                                     you fared better this winter!

                                                     This  edition  of  ION  Indie  Magazine  spotlights  the
                                                     Memphis-based  hard-rockin’  band  Every  Mother’s
                                                     Nightmare.  Senior  Photojournalist  Jere  Perry  conducts
                                                     the interview with this high-energy, high-volume band.
                                                     Lock up your daughters…and check it out!

                                                     The  beautiful,  breezy  song  that  accompanies  this
                                                     Editor’s Letter is “I’m Gonna Ride,’ the title track off of
                                                     Official CMT Artist Ashley Wineland’s upcoming album,
                                                     which is due out this Fall. The song is near and dear to
                                                     my  heart  as I  was  on  the  set  in  Arizona for  the  video
                                                     shoot for “I’m Gonna Ride.” The scenery in the video is
                                                     absolutely breathtaking! I sure found myself longing for
                                                     those    warm      Arizona     breezes     during     “Electro-
                                                     Armageddon  2021!”  Here  is  that  stunning  video:

                                                     The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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