Page 6 - ION Indie Magazine MarchApril 2021
P. 6

Interview by Jere Perry
                                  Photos by Erick Hernandez Photography

                                   Music by Every Mothers Nightmare

                           In the world of rock ‘n’ roll, when you get the
                           opportunity  to  interview  guys  like  Rick  Ruhl
                           and  Allan  Bone  from  Every  Mother’s
                           Nightmare, guys with longevity and success,
                           you  just  don’t  hesitate  to  chat  with  such
                           veterans of rock. They’ve lived it and breathed
                           it. They know that it’s not enough to be stuck
                           in the comfortable past, that you must have
                           your  eyes  and  vision  always  going  forward.
                           While the band has had different incarnations
                           over the years, this is an impressive lineup of
                           Memphis-based rockers.

                           With  new  music  and  a  mini  documentary
                           released,  there  is  more  to  be  excited  about
                           now for these gentlemen than any time in the
                           recent past. While the release of “Grind” was
                           indeed  quite  good,  their  new  album
                           “Resurrect  The  Faithful”  feels  like  so  much
                           more. I hope you enjoy the conversation we
                           had traversing the years of the band. Make no
                           mistake, EMN today is as much, if not more,
                           worthy of a look, listen, and trip to a show than
                           any other time!
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