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AB: Probably ‘Grind.’ I don’t know. I like a lot of the stuff off of                  Rick Ruhl
          ‘Delta VooDoo.’ I like bits and pieces of everything, but yeah,               Every Mothers Nightmare
          probably ‘Resurrect.’

          JP: Rick, Is there a particular album you have a greater
          fondness for out of your collection?

          RR: For me, it’s, I would think ‘Delta VooDoo’
          or ‘Backtraxx.’ ‘Backtraxx’ was when the first deal fell out and
          the two original guys left. I was writing all these songs and
          sending  them  all  to  this  guy  Geffen.  They  were  a  little  bit
          different; a little more southern. Those were the two biggest
          spurts where we were writing better music.

          JP: ‘Delta VooDoo’ was my favorite.

          RR: That was our biggest writing spurt. That was at the bottom
          of the barrel for me, though. I’d been through the record deal
          and the drop, drug addiction, and the whole ball of wax. I had
          my Corvette and I sold it to my guitar player to scrape up the
          money to do ‘Delta VooDoo.’ The recording is what it is, but
          the  guitar  playing  and  the  song  quality  is  phenomenal
          because it’s from the heart.

          JP: You re-released it in 2018, correct?

          RR: Yeah. When I got with Bill Chavis from HighVol Music,
          yes, he bought us the rights and told us we could remaster or
          do whatever we wanted to with it.

          JP:  There  was  a  documentary  released  recently  about
          Every Mothers Nightmare. For those who have not seen
          it, what should they expect to see?

          RR: Well, it’s not really a…I didn’t really, the whole band didn’t
          really want to do an hour and a half documentary where you’re
          watching us for an hour in the studio. That stuff is fun to watch
          for a couple of minutes. You can see people noodling around
          on their stuff all day long. When I talked with Bill, he said if we
          can do a 30 or 45-minute time capsule of this band and this
          record;  a  little  bit  of  the  recording,  a  little  bit  of  how  the
          songwriting  goes,  and  I  was  cool  with  it.  This  is  by  far my
          favorite band. It took a long time to get to this place. When I
          found Allan, we’re kinda on the same kinda rhythm. I don’t
          know if you can understand that, but the things he plays are
          embedded in my head forever. We’re really close and the way
          this band gels, we’ve already got six or seven songs written
          for a new record.
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