Page 11 - ION Indie Magazine MarchApril 2021
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AB: There just happens to be one of those here in
          town. He blows me out of the water. This kid has
          spent a lot of the quarantine time writing songs for
          an album. He also sings and plays guitar. I would
          say try to learn to play other instruments. Educate
          yourself more musically so you can communicate
          better with your bandmates.

          JP:  Do  you  think  nowadays  the  business  is
          more interested in looks than talent?

          RR: No, no.

          AB: No, that was the 80’s.

          RR: There were good bands in the 80s, but the
          80s just got watered down so bad.
          JP: You’ve been with HighVol Music for a while

          RR:  Yeah,  we  tried  to  get  together  when  we
          originally  did  ‘Delta  VooDoo,’  but  we  had
          conflicting schedules. When we first did ‘Grind,’ it
          was  a  five-song  EP  and  we  were  playing  in
          Houston, TX, and a friend got the EP to Chavis
          (Bill Chavis, President of HighVol Music) and got
          me and Chavis back in touch, and that’s how we
          all got here where we are today. He’s a good guy.
          He’s the first guy at any label I’ve had that I’ve
          never let hear any songs, but when we were done
          with ‘Resurrect the Faithful,’ I told him, ‘It’s gonna
          be different. It’s gonna be big. You’re just gonna
          have to trust me.’ He didn’t hear the first song until
          we were done. I think we were working on mixing
          ‘Breathe.’ He and his wife flew down to Memphis.
          We took them out to dinner and then let him hear
          the  whole  album.  The  next  day  he  had  the
          documentary crew there to film.

          JP: He told before it was released, it’s heavier.
          Do you feel it’s heavier?
          RR: Yeah, but it’s a whole different band. The only
          common thing through all of it is me. These guys
          are all different. That’s why I didn’t want to do just
          another copy of the original record, ya know? I’d                    Allan Bone
          much  rather  we be  known  for what  we’re doing             Every Mothers Nightmare
          than what we’ve done. We play what we live and
          live what we see and do it all sober.
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