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JP:  Is  the  writing  more  collaborative  now      JP:  You’ve  played  music  all  over  this
             than it used to be?                                  country. Do you have a favorite city, town,
                                                                  or area you like playing? Is there an area
             RR: Um (pause), in a way. We fight. We fought        where  you  find  the  vibe  to  be  all
             over  ‘Sorry  Today’  for  five  days.  When         encompassing?
             somebody gets an idea and everybody starts
             throwing pieces at it, that’s my favorite part.      RR: Anywhere we can get in front of people.

             AB: I don’t know what it was like back when,         AB: It seems there’s more of a rock scene in
             but  it’s  been  nothing  but  collaborative  since   the northeast. We spend a lot of time up north
             I’ve been here. It pretty much starts as a jam       and there’s still a big vibe there like there used
             and we see where it goes.                            to be here when Rick and them were first here.

             RR: Kinda like rock ‘n’ roll. You ride it until it   RR:  Used  to  be  you’d  go  out  here  on  a
             bucks.                                               Wednesday night and a band would be playing
                                                                  and the club would be packed.
             JP: You have been quite busy writing and
             releasing  music  over  the  last  few  years.       JP:  Without  getting  into  politics…2020,
             ‘Grind’ was released in 2017 and in the fall,        beyond  the  shadow  of  a  doubt,  has  been
             ‘Resurrect  the  Faithful.’  How  do  you  feel      difficult  for  many  artists.  How  do  you
             these albums differ from earlier offerings? I        expect that to change in 2021 in respect to
             would pose this question to Allan. Further,          playing live and touring?
             how  do  you  feel  ‘Resurrect  the  Faithful’       RR:  I  think  something’s  gonna  break  here
             differs from ‘Grind?’
             AB: I think it differs in a lot of ways…obviously
             the drums. This (‘Resurrect The Faithful’) is the    AB: It’s gotta change.
             first with all five of us. I think there’s a lot more   JP:  I notice very little change in your vocal
             harmony vocals on this one. I sing a lot. I like     strength from the beginning of your career
             to sing. I think that’s something Rick’s never       until now. What’s the key to that?
             had before.
                                                                  RR: Not being able to sing (laughing). I just try
             JP: I know it has been a challenging time            to tell a little bit of the story. God gave me the
             for live music. With such a great catalog of         little  gift  of  song  and  emotion  and  facial
             music to play and a fantastic new release to         expression, and that’s what I try to use.
             support, are you currently booking shows
             for 2021?                                            JP:  How  have  you  seen  the  business  of
                                                                  music change over the years?
             RR: We just started a couple weeks ago. We
             have  a  couple  of  outdoor  shows  booked  for     RR: Well, I like the  internet compared to the
             Ohio this summer in July. There is stuff coming      regular  radio  station. When  we  got  our deal,
             in  all  the  time,  but  usually  right  now  they’re   you had to have a ballad. You had to look this
             getting cancelled. We had a show booked here         way. You had to have this type of song or you
             in  Memphis  a  few  weeks  ago  and  it  got        wouldn’t get played.
             cancelled the day of because of COVID, but we        AB:  Now  you  can  find  whatever  you  want
             have used this time wisely, writing new music,       without waiting for someone to give it to you.
             working on the set, working on the songs, the
             show.                                                JP: Allan, if you saw a kid who was maybe
                                                                  16-18  years  old,  helluva  drummer,  who
             AB: We’re ready to go as soon as somebody            wanted to make music his life, what advice
             will let us play somewhere.                          would you give him?
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