Page 10 - MAYJUNE 2024 ION Indie Magazine
P. 10

NW: The Trio has such a huge sound for just three guys. Who are some of your

         PL: If you were to ask each of us who are our favorite bands, you’d probably get thirty
         different groups. We thrive on having so many different musical interests. But if we had
         to agree on three it would be Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, and Sevendust, as we

         collectively enjoy and are extremely inspired by them and their methods.

         NW: It seems like most of your music has a deeper meaning. What’s the writing

         process like?

         PL: There absolutely is a deep process to our writing. We want all of our songs to point

         straight back to God as He’s the reason we have the ability do this in the first place. We
         want our lyrics to impact you and make you feel something. While we focus on the
         instrumental aspect, we want our lyrics to be uplifting.
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