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Music by Parallel Lives “Blood Sweat & Fears”

                      Heavy  hitting  rock  n  roll  with  Christian  values  --  those  are  the
                      principals of the North Carolina power trio Parallel Lives. Although
                      the band formed a year ago, they have quite the resume – which

                      includes  opening  for  former  Mushroomhead  vocalist  Waylon
                      Reavis and his current band, A Killer’s Confession, to headlining

                      the main stage at the famous Myrtle Beach Bike Week, to winning
                      the prestigious Camel City Bike Fest: Battle of the Bands. The trio
                      consists of Thomas Hardy (vocals, guitar), Jon Landress (vocals,
                      bass),  and  Blake  Chappell  (drums).  The  band  started  in  2022

                      when drummer Chappell met guitarist Hardy. The two messaged
                      back and forth on Instagram, deciding they wanted to give forming
                      a  band  a  shot.  The  duo  then  found  bassist  Landress  through

                      mutual friends, thus forming Parallel Lives.

                      ION Indie Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with these

                      Carolina rockers for a one-on-one interview.
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