Page 9 - MAYJUNE 2024 ION Indie Magazine
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Nick  Wood:  The  name  ‘Parallel  Lives’  is  incredibly
                           unique. Where did you come up with the name?

                           Blake Chappell: I came up with the name during finals of
                           my senior year in high school. We were specially studying
                           Julius Caesar. ‘Parallel Lives’ was an acronym to help me

                           study, but it also sounded like a great band name.

                           NW: With two singles released so far, what’s next for

                           Parallel Lives?

                           PL: We’ve been playing shows left and right, just getting
                           our name out there. While also taking the time in the studio

                           to get our music recorded and ready to release, with that
                           being said we have some special news we’d like to share

                           --  ION  Indie  Magazine  has  the  honor  of  introducing
                           Parallel  Lives’  first  EP  titled  ‘Blood,  Sweat,  and  Fears.’
                           This 5-song EP should be out in the coming months -- so
                           keep your eyes peeled! The track list will include:




                                                              2 U

                                                   Blood, Sweat, Fears
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