Page 4 - MAYJUNE 2024 ION Indie Magazine
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                                 Happy  Anniversary,  ION!  We  are
                                 celebrating  10  years  in  publication!

                                 Thank  you,  loyal  readers,  for  your
                                 support throughout the years, not only

                                 for       this       magazine,             but        for
                                 independent  music  and  the  artists
                                 who create it.

                                 For  this  May/June  2024  edition,  we

                                 are  spotlighting  the  heavy-hitting
                                 Christian  rock  trio,  Parallel  Lives.

                                 Photojournalist  Nick  Wood  provided
                                 the      dynamic           photography              and
                                 insightful  interview.  Read  all  about

                                 Parallel         Lives…and              so       much
                                 more…inside these pages!

                                                                   ~ Kiki Plesha
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