Page 2 - ION Indie Magazine JulyAugust 2020
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Featured on the cover of this July/August 2020 edition of ION Indie

                                 Magazine is the multi-faceted artist Robby Lochner. The insightful
                                 cover photography is courtesy of Jaymz Eberly as well as the studio

                                 images accompanying the feature interview with Lochner. The cover
                                 art is designed by Editor-in-Chief Kiki Plesha.

                                 Inside this issue, Managing Editor for ION Indie Magazine, Marty

                                 Haviik, conducted the in-depth interview with Lochner. This inside

                                 cover image is provided by Marty Haviik, as well as the live concert
                                 photography  images  of  Lochner  that  accompany  the  feature


                                 This entire issue is edited and designed by Kiki Plesha.

                                               Music by
                                     Robby Lochner and Nick Dato

                                          “Social Distancing”
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