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                                                 Music by Robby Lochner
                                               “The Best Years of our Lives”

                                             Interview by Marty Haviik

                                              Studio Photography by Jaymz Eberly
                                            Live Concert Photography by Marty Haviik

          35 years ago, I walked into a tiny night club called Tequila Mockingbird outside a mall in Tucson,
          AZ. My friends kept telling me about this little ole’ rock band called Roc Lochner, which had started
          making a huge noise in Arizona. Ok, I’m game. I’ll check them out.

          The band was already playing, and I saw this skinny kid on stage just flaming through the neck of
          his guitar. I was really impressed, as his focus was not on the audience, but rather on his enjoyment
          of playing his instrument. Although I briefly met him back then, I did follow his musical career. I’ve
          kept in touch with Robby throughout the years and have met up with him a few times at NAMM.

          Robby has performed and worked with some of the biggest rock stars out there today, including Rob
          Halford, Eddie Money, Don Dokken, Appice Bros, John Parr, Herman Rarebell, Gary Barden, Tony
          Martin,  Spencer  Davis,  Bobby  Kimball,  Doogie  White,  and  Alex  Ligertwood.  Robby  has  also
          promoted concerts for nationals such as Sweet, Blackfoot, Appice Bros, and Jack Russell’s Great

          Fast forward to 2020. To date, Robby Lochner has worn many hats…guitarist, singer, songwriter,
          producer,  mix  engineer,  tour  manager,  and  guitarist  for  Jack  Russell's  Great  White.  From  Roc
          Lochner to Dig Jelly to Jack Russell’s Great White, Robby has worked hard to get where he is at
          now. It hasn’t been easy journey, but it sure has been quite the rock and roll ride for him.

          I recently had the pleasure to catch up with Robby for this feature interview with ION Indie Magazine
          and he brought me up to speed.
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