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Marty Haviik: Robby, I normally like to start with the usual general question,
                         but today is special. I would like to begin by letting everyone know that you
                         just released a brand-new song, “The "Best Years of our Lives." I'm really
                         excited for you! Please share the backstory and what inspired you to write
                         this song.

                         Robby Lochner: Stepping back from the musician's role, I wanted to write about
                         how it felt as a fan of music. There are many songs that are the soundtrack of my
                         life. When I listen to a certain song or a whole record, it will bring me right back to
                         how I felt at that stage of my life. If I listen to Deep Purple's ‘Machine Head’ it brings
                         me back to being 10 years old in the front room of the house I grew up in listening
                         to it on vinyl. As a kid, many artists seemed larger than life and now remain so
                         because  they  are  gone.  However,  they  live  on  through  their  songs. Going  to
                         concerts was an event that I remember as being ethereal. I remember the feeling
                         of being at shows more than the shows themselves. There is no way to write about
                         all  the  artists  I  love,  so  I  chose  a  timeline  to  move  through  that  expresses  the
                         feeling. The video completes the feeling by paying homage to many great artists in
                         (royalty  free)  photos.  I  placed  some  pictures  of  myself  in  various  stages  of  my
                         career over the solo section in the video.

                         MH: Throughout your music career you've performed with many incredible
                         artists and musicians. Robby, please share with our readers a little bit about
                         yourself. What first got you into music? Also, who were your inspirations and
                         what bands helped you along the way? Is there anyone else with whom you’d
                         like to collaborate?

                         RL: I have been blessed to have worked with some really incredible people. Many
                         of the special memories actually come from the very beginning. My brother Charlie
                         was one of the biggest influences for me as well as several local players who came
                         before me…Andy Highouse, Bill Sinclair, Bret Canfield, to name a few. When I first
                         began playing, I knew who most of the players in the local bands were and I could
                         name a dozen of them easy right now. I did learn some of my craft from playing
                         Rush, Zeppelin, The Beatles, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Van Halen. Then I started
                         learning Paganini, Mozart, Bach Beethoven, Jerry Reed, Brad Paisley, and many
                         more. I've had influences in many different areas of music aside from the playing. I
                         have learned songwriting, producing, and mixing from listening to artists such as
                         Tom Petty, Pink, or Kenny Chesney, for example. I'm always looking to evolve and
                         grow, so it's not just about playing but all facets of music. The list would be too long
                         to mention the people I'd love to collaborate with both writing and playing. I'll let the
                         road take me where it does.

                         MH: You may or may not know, but I've followed your career since the early
                         to mid-80s…from you playing the local clubs like Tequila Mockingbird and
                         several nightclubs along 4th Avenue (Tucson, AZ), as well as some backyard
                         parties. Oh man, those backyard parties! As a musician myself, I fell in love
                         with your playing and your unique style of playing guitar. Share a little about
                         your style and how you came about to incorporate that double neck tapping
                         into your shows.
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