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                                                                        Music by Ron Keel Band
                                                                          “Red White & Blue”

                                                    ‘The One – Indie Music Battle’ launches on REELZ!
                                                      I  am  thrilled  to  announce  that  a  project  that  I’ve  been
                                                    working on has come to fruition. Over the last year or so, I’ve

                                                    been in development with the founder of IndieCast TV, who
                                                    is  the  visionary  behind  an  innovative  television  concept
                                                    spotlighting  indie  music  videos,  ‘The  One  –  Indie  Music

                     Kiki Plesha                    Battle.’  Hard  work  and  tenacity  do  pay  off,  as  the  show
                    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                 debuts on the REELZ network on June 29, 2020! I am honored
                                                    to serve as a Co-Producer on the show and as IndieCast TV’s
                                                    Director of PR & Communications. Learn more about ‘The
                                                    One  –  Indie  Music  Battle’  at
                                                    Upload your video at the IndieCast TV site to be considered
                                                    for  the  competition.  Check  the  REELZ  website  at
                                           to find out where to watch the show in your

                                                    In this July/August 2020 issue of ION Indie Magazine we are
                                                    featuring  the  multi-dimensional,  exceptionally  talented
                                                    Robby Lochner, guitarist for Jack Russell’s Great White. The
                                                    feature interview is by Senior Photojournalist for ION, Marty
                                                    Haviik.  And,  while  I  am  on  a  roll  with  exciting
                                                    announcements, I am delighted that Marty has accepted
                                                    the position as new Managing Editor for ION Indie Magazine.
                                                    Congrats, Marty! Well deserved! Of course, JB Bridges, Co-
                                                    Founder  of  ION  and  former  Managing  Editor,  remains  on
                                                    both  as  a  Senior  Photojournalist and  in  a valued advisory

                                                    Finally,  the  powerful,  anthemic  song  streaming  with  this
                                                    Editor’s Letter is ‘Red White & Blue’ by Ron Keel Band. Be sure
                                                    to check out the article on Ron Keel Band by our own Jere
                                                    Perry  in  this summer edition  of ION  Indie Magazine.  Learn
                                                    more at

                                                    The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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