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       VOL. 58

        4         Letter from the Editor                      K. Plesha             CEO/Editor-in-Chief/Art Director
                                                                                              Kiki Plesha

                                                                                             Marty Haviik
                                                                                  Managing Editor/Instagram Manager
        6         Featured: Ron Keel Band                       J. Perry                 Senior Photojournalist


                                                                                     Broadcast Media Coordinator
                                                                                              Jere Perry
                  Jeannie Seely                                 S. Wikle                   Senior Journalist

      16  Album Review                                                                     Daniel Johnson

                                                                                     Media Coverage Coordinator
                      March On Atlanta: OneRace              L. Snyder                   Senior Photojournalist

      24  Report/Photography                                                                  JB Bridges
                                                                                     Co-Founder/Senior Journalist

                                                                                              Tim Board
                    Cold Jackets                         M. Whichelow               Eye On Jamz Radio Show Host

      32  Interview/Photography

      42            Scott Southworth                           S. Wikle                         STAFF

                    Album Review                                                             Lee Hoffman

                                                                                            Erika Johnson
                      Every Other Year                        M. Haviik                       Scott Wikle
      50   Interview                                                                        Mal Whichelow

                                                                                           Shane Ritschard
                                                                                           Courtney Ludwig
                    Adam Lufkin                             E. Johnson                  Lindsay Anne Snyder

      58  Interview/Photography                             D. Johnson

                       Yard of Blondes                         T. Board
      68  Interview

                    The Chimpz                               C. Ludwig               VISIT ION INDIE MAGAZINE AT:

      72  Interview/Photography                                              
                     Caiden Brewer                            M. Haviik    

      82  Interview/Photography

                                                                                        MAGAZINE SUBMISSIONS:
                   Healthy Junkies                             T. Board  

      88  Interview                                                                  MAGAZINE GENERAL INQUIRIES:

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