Page 8 - ION Indie Magazine SeptOct 2020
P. 8

One thing that is so very hard to create on paper is the incredible energy
                       and the ability to make an interview not feel as an interview, but rather just
                       a conversation between music-loving friends. Ron Keel, frontman of the
                       Ron Keel Band, has that innate ability. I remember him saying, “They’ve
                       said I talk too much.” As the guy trying to get more than just facts, but the
                       vibe of an artist, I’m not sure that they ever talk too much -- or that those
                       who  say  they  do,  perhaps  don’t  have  their  “A  game”  going.  Our
                       conversation ranged from music, to motorcycles (we both are dedicated
                       riders), to health, to longevity. I only wish we had space to put it all in print.

                       Ron Keel has been involved in this business for many years…well, over 30
                       now. Many will remember him as the singer for the metal band Keel in the
                       80s. Some will remember him for his time with Steeler. Still, some may
                       know  him  from  Badlands  House  Band  and  have  just  discovered  this
                       version of Ron Keel in the Ron Keel Band as the “Metal Cowboy.” Perhaps
                       there are even some of you reading this article who have never heard of
                       him. Hopefully, not only will you become familiar with Ron Keel, but you
                       will now count yourself as a new fan.

                       For many to believe that a guy who has sold millions of records (over 3
                       million) in the hard rock/metal genre plays the music he does now, is hard
                       to fathom. With an understanding that he was raised in Georgia and moved
                       to Nashville in the late 70s to start his music career, it should be no surprise
                       that this IS Ron Keel…Southern-style, Americana Rock is where he is, and
                       it really feels like this is where he belongs. That does not discount any past
                       success, nor does it speak to his authenticity. But rather, it speaks to both
                       the adaptability and versatility of the artist, which reign supreme.
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