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                                                               Music by Jeannie Seely/Feat. Willie Nelson

                                                                      “Not A Dry Eye In The House”

                                                   Season 1 of ‘The One – Indie Music Battle’ on REELZ
                                                   has wrapped! Thank you to all the exceptional bands and
                                                   artists who were a part of our television debut! Stay tuned

                                                   for Season 2! Learn more about The One – Indie Music Battle
                                                   and  upload  your  video  at  the  IndieCast  TV  site  to  be
                     Kiki Plesha                   considered for the competition at
                                                   For  this  September/October  2020  issue  of  ION  Indie
                                                   Magazine,  we  are  featuring  the  Ron  Keel  Band,  whose
                                                   frontman is the legendary cowboy metal rocker himself, Ron

                                                   Keel. With a career than has spanned over 30 years, Keel
                                                   has definitely left his mark on the music industry – with no
                                                   signs of slowing down! Jere Perry conducted the in-depth
                                                   feature interview with hard-rockin’ Ron in this issue! Check it

                                                   ION was  on  hand  for the  OneRace March  On  Atlanta  at
                                                   Centennial Olympic  Park. ION  Photojournalist Lindsay  Ann
                                                   Snyder  was  behind  the  lens  for  this  powerful  and  moving
                                                   peaceful display of support for the movement. Experience
                                                   it in these pages.

                                                   Also,  in  this  edition  is ION journalist  Scott  Wikle’s report  on
                                                   country  icon  Jeannie  Seely’s  new  album,  “An  American
                                                   Classic”  –  which  perfectly  describes  this  country
                                                   songstress…a  classic!  I  am  featuring  her  duet  with  Willie
                                                   Nelson from the album, “Not A Dry Eye In The House” with
                                                   this Editor’s Letter. You will want to read Scott’s review in this

                                                   Visit Ms. Seely’s website at

                                                   The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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