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P. 10

Existing Trees
                Close Boarded Fence 1.8M
               New Boundary Treatment

                      Kitchen Bedroom 1  Patio  Patio  Patio Bedroom 1  13694 Bedroom 2  13.8m²  3487  11.8m²  11.5m²  8.7m²  Terrace  Balcony  Ensuite  Hall  Store  Bathroom  Ensuite  Kitchen  Bedroom 1  Store  Bathroom PV Array (20 Panels) Bedroom 2  13.7m²  Living/Dining  Balcony  Patio  12.0m²  Store  Living/Dining  32.7m²  Terrace  22.8m²  Bathroom
            Existing Tree  Removed  (Red Dotted Line)  Front  Canopy  Door  Terrace  Main  Canopy  Entrance  Terrace  Front  Canopy  Door
                                                       New Boundary Treatment Close Boarded Fence 1.8M
                     New  Tree                    New  Tree
            Bike Store  (14 Spaces)
                       Disabled  Bay
                 New  Tree
                                 Parking  Courtyard  (23 Spaces)  6000

       Existing Trees  Retained                     Dropped Kerb  Refuse  3 x 1100 Litre  Bin store with separated  recycling and refuse areas

                                              Dropped Kerb  4100  Dropped Kerb  10M
                                 Disabled Disabled  Bay  Bay  Bin Store  3 x 240  Pedestrian  Gate  Automatic  Folding Gate  (clear of bin stores  & pedestrian gate)  Recycling  3 x 1100 Litre  8
                                       New  Tree                             6
              Existing Trees  Removed  (Red Dotted Line)                     4
            New  Tree          New  New  Tree  Tree                          2
                                                 Existing  Crossover      BAR SCALE
                  New Boundary Treatment  Dwarf Brick Wall 0.9M  Railings Above 0.9M  Existing Kerb  (Red Dotted Line)  N  0
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