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Brandon.R || Monkey Puzzle

      From:                         Rachel Ip Fung Chun <>
      Sent:                         05 June 2023 17:41
      To:                           Brandon.R  Monkey Puzzle
      Subject:                      Second Charge update

      Hi Brandon,

      Interbay have come back to me sta ng the following:

      We are concerned to note that the purpose of the second charge request is to develop our security property (of which
      we were not aware). Therefore, we would be unable to provide consent to a second charge for this purpose. If the
      customer wishes to discuss this further, please ask them to contact us on the below number.

      I don’t think the above can be correct if you provided all the informa on on the development when you took out the loan.
      Emmie sent the email so you may want to discuss this with her and discuss the background. Could it be that what you
      thought was disclosed via the broker (at the  me of taking out the loan) wasn’t?

      Kind regards,

      Rachel Ip Fung Chun
      Senior Associate Solicitor, Head of Property


      T: 029 2038 8398

      Twickenham office: 74 Heath Road, Twickenham TW1 4BW

      Please note we no longer use DX.

      An ‐fraud measures: We operate a client account with NatWest Bank plc, and details of that
      account will be provided to our clients and other professionals during the course of a
      transac on. We will never ask that funds are sent to an account other than our NatWest Bank
      plc client account, and if you receive an email asking you to send funds elsewhere then you
      should call us immediately. Please always call our office before sending funds.

      Please reply by email. If you must send hard copies then please con nue to send them to our Twickenham office.

      Confidenı ality: The content of this email (and any a achment) is confiden al. It may also be legally privileged or otherwise protected from
      disclosure. This email should not be used by anyone who is not an original intended recipient, nor may it be copied or disclosed to anyone who is not
      an original intended recipient. If you have received this email by mistake please no fy us by emailing the sender, and then delete the email and any
      copies from your system. Liability cannot be accepted for statements made which are clearly the senders own and not made on behalf of Sinclairslaw

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