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Irving II – Evan P. Pietsch – The Southern Bap�st Theological Seminary
               A Metacogni�ve Analysis of Conceptual Thinking in Spiritual Forma�on U�lizing Vygotsky’s Concept
               Many works have enriched the body of Christ by advancing the need for Chris�ans to become be�er theologians
               so that they may disciple others unto maturity. While Bible studies are crucial for Chris�an growth, Chris�ans need
               to u�lize systema�c doctrines to learn to think theologically. This session introduces a proposed construct that can
               aid a mature Chris�an to comprehend be�er how to ins�ll conceptual interconnectedness of the Scriptures to
               assist in educa�ng others unto maturity. A viable conceptual framework for Chris�an scholars and educators to
               teach Chris�ans theological cogni�on emerges by appropria�ng the Vygotskian concept forma�on model.
               Irving III – Christopher Sarver – Cru City/The Embark Network
               Be the Example: Christ-Centered Followership, the Pastoral Epistles, and Emerging Adult Men
               Sharon Park’s leadership model and the vast majority of leadership literature the last century focus almost
               exclusively on leaders while giving scant a�en�on to followers. The discipline of followership considers the role
               followers play along with leaders in producing outcomes. While Michael Wilder and Timothy Paul Jones’s ground-
               breaking work, The God Who Goes Before You, presents a biblical theology of pastoral leadership cognizant of
               followership theory and research, no comparable model of Christ-centered followership as a framework for
               emerging adult spiritual leadership development exists. This study, therefore, examines the Pastoral Epistles in
               order to affirm and adjust Wilder and Jones’s framework and consider its implica�ons for training Chris�an
               emerging-adult males as spiritual leaders.

               Breakout Presentations V (Sat. 8:45-9:45 AM)

               Salon A – Jaison K.D. McCall – The Southern Bap�st Theological Seminary
               Doing Chris�an Educa�on with Lived Experience in Mind
               This paper argues that the integra�on of faith and learning must contain lived experiences and contextual and
               cultural sensi�vi�es in Chris�an educa�on, par�cularly the Chris�an educa�on of African Americans, for Chris�an
               education to truly be Chris�an and best advance the Gospel and produce long-term disciples to the Chris�an faith.
               Lived experiences are �ed to religious experience and, as a result, it is appropriate to include that context and not
               be dismissive of it. The need to include lived experiences and cultural sensi�vi�es in the approach to Chris�an
               educa�on is a necessity. Using inverse consistency as a tool, this research informs issues associated with Chris�an
               educa�on, leadership, apologe�c, and discipleship approaches.

               Salon B – Gracilynn J. Hanson – The Southern Bap�st Theological Seminary
               Establishing a Framework for Female-Gendered Embodiment in a Redemp�ve Context
               Defining the female gender has been a central topic for contemporary evangelical scholarship—largely focusing on
               func�on. If a woman does not comprehend her essen�al purpose and ontological nature, she may perform du�es,
               but the richness of her flourishing within her God-given design will be diminished—to the detriment of the
               individual, the family, the church, and wider society. This research establishes a uniquely ontological framework
               for defining female-gendered embodiment within theological anthropology. Grounded in Scripture, the original
               taxonomy for gendered embodiment intends to foster cross-boundary discussions—with clear implica�ons for
               Chris�an educa�on contexts across academia and ministry.

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